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Bristol Laboratories Ltd is a one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the United Kingdom engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of generic medicines, as well as formulation brands. Growth at Bristol Laboratories is fuelled by its quest to have quality excellence in every aspect of product development, manufacture and distribution.

The quality emphasis has laid a foundation for Bristol Laboratories to grow, from modest beginnings in 1997, to be amongst one of the most reliable suppliers of pharmaceutical products in the UK and Europe.

Generic Products
Bristol Laboratories' products add value to healthcare systems by providing high quality medicines that are affordable. With a diverse and rapidly growing product range, Bristol Laboratories' products cover a number of therapeutic segments:
»  Analgesics
»  Anti-Infectives
»  Anti-Diabetics
»  Anti hypertensives
»  Anti cholesterol agents
»  Anti depressants

The diverse range of products manufactured by Bristol Laboratories is a testimony to its commitment to make a positive contribution to the healthcare system. Scientists at Bristol Laboratories are constantly evaluating the feasibility of products designed to reduce the cost of manufacturing, while retaining the safety and efficacy of the product molecule. There is a constant endeavour to formulate newer generics and make them available to the health care providers.

From the active ingredient to the final finished dosage form, our quality driven value system ensures that the product made available to the consumer is of the highest standard of quality and efficacy.

OTC and branded formulations
The Quality Driven Values at Bristol Laboratories has fuelled a four fold growth in recent years, in the challenging environment of generic markets in the UK and Europe, prompting Bristol Laboratories to embark into newer segments of the pharmaceutical market.

RaniCalm™ Migraitan™ Allacan™ provided additional choice to the pharmacist and the consumer, for relief of common ailments such as; flu, migraine, allergy and hay fever respectively. Quinoric™ for arthritis and Zicron™ for diabetes are just some of the branded prescription generics that are being launched by Bristol Laboratories.