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Pharmacies are the core business to Alfajr Co. and an essential part of a local community which plays a crucial role in the healthcare for the people. They are very important to the local communities they serve. Alfajr Co. Aim is to develop a close partnership with independent pharmacies, and through our Alfajr Loyalty scheme, we can reward pharmacies who are showing the commitment of community care. As a Pharmacist you shoulder a great responsibility. We are aware that your time is very valuable as you not only you have to dispense medicines accurately, but you also have to act as a front-line healthcare professional and hence we have brought you Alfajr Loyalty scheme. Alfajr Loyalty scheme will not only improve the profitability of the pharmacy business, but also saves your time in sourcing the product at competitive price.

Loyalty Scheme from Alfajr offers you attractive discounts from a comprehensive product portfolio, already competitively priced. The Scheme is designed to provide you with the best quality, reliability and the continuity of product supply needed for your pharmacy at a very competitive price.

If you are interested in being a member of the Alfajr Loyalty scheme then please register your interest online or call us to find out in ways you can benefit from the Alfajr Loyalty scheme or email us at loyaltyscheme@alfajrpharma.com.ly